We found this sofa. It had been savagely attacked by a cat (I presume) but was clean, didn’t smell and had good bones. I had to have it …. It wouldn’t fit in the car – curses.

We carried it about 500m to our apartment; it felt like the longest walk of my life, that thing is heavy.

Sofa before

I immediately started ripping off the old fabric with enthusiasm and gusto. Five hours later I realised what an enormous job this was going to be. I think it took a whole weekend to remove the 10 billion staples and sand the wooden base ready for staining. I found a staple in my hair the day after.

I was lucky enough to live right next to a Saturday market that sold thick fabric for 2 euros a meter! I had to wait a few weeks until they had enough fabric in a colour I liked (I bought 10 meters but had lots left over). Fast forward a few weekends and the reupholstering began. There was quite a lot of doing, pulling out staples then redoing.

Sofa during#1Sofa during#2


Sofa during#3
Nearly there ….

Sofa after.jpg

I won’t lie to you, if you are considering doing this be prepared for a lot of hard work, and I mean a lot. This was the biggest project I’ve ever done and at times I thought it had beaten me. But with perseverance and literal blood, sweat and tears I now have a sofa which I like, for the first time since moving to Spain. Is it my dream sofa? No. Is it quite good for a total cost of about 35 euros? I think so.


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