My boyfriend (who from this point forward will be referred to as M) found this side table by a bin and he brought it home for me. This is more exciting than him bringing me flowers.

Stencilled side table before

It went through a few stages before I decided on a design I was happy with. I started with geometric, but decided it just didn’t suit the style of the table.

Stenciled side table during

So stenciling was the way to go. The thing is, I had no idea where to buy a stencil and the cheapest spray adhesive I could find was 15 euros! Too much for me. So I decided I would have to make my own. I have played around a bit with making my own stencils. One of my favourite methods is using contact paper. (I may do a separate blog post on the merits of contact paper and everything that can be done with it, it’s good stuff.)

The first step was finding an image that I liked, I chose this simple tile pattern, then simplified it further. I printed it out, stuck the paper to contact paper and cut that out using a craft knife. I was left with (an incredibly fragile and difficult to position) self adhesive stencil.

Stenciled table tile

I stained the top of the table so that the pattern you see is the wood. The I placed the stencils and painted with home made chalk paint in white. If I remember correctly I made 3 stencils, which I moved around after painting each one. And there you have it; a table decorated with a home made stencil and home made chalk paint. It probably cost me about 2 euros. Win.

Stencilled side table after



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