Blue geometric cupboard - before + after close up.jpg

I got this laminate cupboard for 2 euros from a guy who was having a clear out. It was begging to be renovated and as dark blue is currently my favorite furniture colour, dark blue it was.

I think that all cupboards look better on legs, so when I found this coffee table discarded at the side of the road I grabbed it.

Blue cupboard before#1

I removed the top, and the sides were held together with dowels so it was very easy to take apart. I cut it down to size with my jigsaw, reassembled (the now slightly smaller) base and then glued and screwed the cupboard to the base.

I then removed the doors from the cupboard and sanded the whole thing to rough up the laminate surface and gave it 2 coats of a good quality primer, sanding in between each coat. I then painted it using a sponge roller and dark blue enamel paint. I painted the inside with a lighter blue colour using home-made chalk paint.

To paint the geometric design I used my trusty favourite method of contact paper. I drew out the design on the back of the paper, using a pencil, ruler and that handy grid that comes printed in the backing sheet. I then drew it out again on another piece of contact paper, but in reverse.

I cut out the pieces using a craft knife and cutting board, and arranged and stuck them to the front of the cupboard doors. I then filled in the gaps between the contact paper with gold paint. When it was dry I carefully peeled off the contact paper and reattached the doors to the cupboard.

TIP: Always stir your paint properly!!! I had to go back over this design because I hadn’t stirred my paint well and the colour was all .. meh. After a second coat of (properly stirred) paint, the gold geometric design stood out much better against the dark blue.

Blue cupboard before#2   +  Blue cupboard before#1  =  Blue cupboard after copy

 Finally, the inside got a coat of wax to protect the chalk paint.

Blue cupboard after copy    Blue cupboard inside after copy

And there you have it! A blue and gold geometric cupboard. I’m a big fan of this one, if I do say so myself! Unfortunately though, I have absolutely no room in my apartment for it. My hobby has got out of control. So, it is currently for sale. If you live in the Barcelona area and are interested in buying this handsome cupboard, get in touch.