Geometric painted cupboard

I got this laminate cupboard for 2 euros from a guy who was having a clear out. It was begging to be renovated and as dark blue is currently my favorite furniture colour, dark blue it was. I think that all cupboards look better on legs, so when I found this coffee table discarded at … Continue reading Geometric painted cupboard

TV Cabinet

Whenever I need a piece of furniture my first thought is never 'Where can I buy one of those?' but always, 'How can I make something similar?' I wanted a mid century modern style credenza but my budget wouldn't allow it. So I decided I would have to make a 'poor man's' version. My inspiration … Continue reading TV Cabinet

Reupholstering a sofa

We found this sofa. It had been savagely attacked by a cat (I presume) but was clean, didn't smell and had good bones. I had to have it .... It wouldn't fit in the car - curses. We carried it about 500m to our apartment; it felt like the longest walk of my life, that … Continue reading Reupholstering a sofa

Stenciled side table

  My boyfriend (who from this point forward will be referred to as M) found this side table by a bin and he brought it home for me. This is more exciting than him bringing me flowers. It went through a few stages before I decided on a design I was happy with. I started … Continue reading Stenciled side table