About me …

Welcome to my tiny corner of the web. I’m glad you came and I hope you’ll stay a while.

Everyday I do something creative. Whether it’s painting a picture or a table, macramé or mosaic, decoupage or general DIY, my day is not complete if something hasn’t been made.

If you’re anything like me, perhaps you’ll find something here that interests you. Come in and take a look around.

Furniture Makeovers

I cannot stop doing furniture makeovers. I am an addict.

I find discarded and unwanted furniture and try to do something interesting with it. I know I am not the only one out there.

It started when I moved to Spain. I have a love of beautiful furniture but couldn’t afford to buy any, so I started trying to make my own for as little money as possible. My house is now fully furnished with street finds. I have set a personal challenge for myself that the uglier the thing is when I start, the more satisfied I will be when I turn it into something nice and/or functional again and thriftier the makeover was, the better.

Here I will share my projects; the successes, the failures, the trials and tribulations and perhaps help a few other makeover obsessed souls along the way.

When I started  furniture restoration 5 years ago, I had no idea I would later be writing a blog about it. So I apologise now for the quality of the pictures, most were taken with my tablet in poor lighting for the sole purpose of showing my mum! I am beginning by writing about the projects I have already completed. When I start with the here and now projects I will endeavour to photograph them well and include step by step images and  instructions.

See my blog entries for the all important before + after pics.


Finally, after many months of trial and error I have managed to get good quality digital files from my original acrylic paintings. Now to go forth and paint some more!

If you like what you see, please feel free to share them on the web 🙂

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